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  1. Nigel Snape avatar
    Nigel Snape Mar 31, 2011

    Julie, I had the most wonderful surprise at a presentation on Monday. A dream come true an original Julie Longdon. The Cheetah is fantastic I could almost stroke him. What a wonderful talent you are. As I said this was a real surprise and I want to thank you for taking this on and producing such a memorable gift for me to mark the end of my days in Trading Standards. I have tried to phone you and will but I assume you are not avaiable at present. I hope you are not feeling to unwell, I know you are going through it somewhat at the moment.Again thank you so much, I am sure we will meet again and it has been such a pleasure to know you.    Best wishesNigel

  2. jan ibbotson avatar
    jan ibbotson Apr 26, 2011

    Hi Julie,Have just seen your work, absoulutely beautiful, and so full of expression.  I am so glad i have found your site, and would love to see more of your work.  I work with pastels, and just love animals, of all types, even cows, which i have a real passion for.

  3. Julie Longdon avatar
    Julie Longdon May 4, 2011

    Hi Jan - thanks for your kind comments.  I did try to reply to you but something went wrong and it bounced the email back.  I adore animals too which is why I can’t help painting them!  Have you got a website, would like to see your work.  Julie